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Authorized person
Oligro Liquid N21 * Nitrogen Fertilizer Solution * N21 meets the nitrogen need of the plant. * With high nitrogen content, it quickly fixes the nitrogen deficiency symptoms in the plants. * Strongly advised to be used in short-term grown vegetation. * It can be applied with dripping and foliar irrigation in every growth phase of the plant. * Totally soluble in water. * Accelerates the vegetative growth of plants. * Increases the flow of nutrients and water in the channels of the plant. * Defeats the temperature stress occurs due to weather conditions. * Makes all plant green parts more vivid and fruits more high coloured. * It boosts the nutrients uptake and the efficiency of pesticides.
Oligro Solare * Protection from heat stress. * Provides a balanced nutrition to the plant. * Eliminates the fertilization disorder. * Due to it' s feature of balancing moisture intracellular, it reduces water loss hence it defeats drying of plants. * The stress damage in extremely hot and arid environment is reduced to minimum.
Olitar Potas 3-0-30 * A liquid form fertilizer which can be applied both in soil or foliar. * It can be used easily in every irrigation system. * Stimulates early growth. * Increases protein protection. * Improves the efficiency of water use. * It is vital for stand persistence, longevity and winter hardiness of plants. * Improves resistance to diseases and insects.
Olitar KTS * Olitar KTS is a chlorine free 100% water soluble fertilizer manufactured with NOCH technology which can be used in any irrigation system. * It is a very powerful source of potassium and highly stable. * Prevents oxidation the trace elements found in the soil given by fertigation and ensures uptake of nutrients by plant. * No cream binding occurs and lowers soil pH in alkaline soils, increases the resistance of plants against diseases and shelf life.
Oligro Eskimo * Increases the density of sugar and minerals in the protoplasm of the cell. * The plant' s resistance increases due to boosting energy. * Lowers the freezing point of water and forms a layer on the plant. Thus, it provides frost protection and keeps the plant healthy in cold conditions.
Oligro pH Minus * pH regulator * Eliminates the risk of deterioration of fertilizer and pesticide solutions. * By lowering the pH of water, it helps to get better yield in fertilization.* * ıt boosts influence of drugs.
Oligro Spreader * Provides adhesion of pesticides and fertilizers to the surface of the plants with it' s spreading feature. * The spreaded particles sprayed stay longer and increase in efficiency is obtained.
Olitar 6-0-18 * A liquid foliar fertilizer designed for application on all crops requiring supplemental N, K during the growing season. * A portion of the nitrogen is in a control release form providing more efficient nitrogen utilization. * It contains multi vitamin complexes to aid in the uptake of nutrients and makes the fruits colorful.
Olitar Calcium 15 * Defeats the blossom end rot. * A very powerful source of calcium * Calcium plays a very important role in plant growth and nutrition as well as in cell wall deposition. * It gives the fruits and vegetables much longer shelf life and makes them more resistant to the harsh shipping conditions. * It increases product quality and productivity.
Olitar Calcium 16 * Longer shelf life, more quality fruits * It is a strong source of Calcium. * Defeats the deficiency of Calcium in tomato, strawberry, pome and stone fruits and many agricultural crops. * It strengthens the cell wall and gives resistance harsh conditions.
Olitar 5-20-5 + TE * More pollen, more products. * It is a unique product which provides to plant all the nutrients together to be grown healthy. * It is the perfect harmony of main nutrients, rich organic matter, trace elements, amon acid, giberellic acid and vitamins as well.
Olitar NP Zn 3-15-0 + 5 Zn * Blossom booster * It ensures germination by it' s rich phosphorus content and formation of strong root system by the help of zinc that regulates hormonal activities.
Oligro Sulfotar SC 800 * Elemental liquid sulphur * It can be totally utilised by the plant and remains accessible to it for longer.
Olitar Calcium Bor * Shiny colors, healthy fruits * It brings stronger cells in the plant to make it more resistant to diseases. * Reduces fruit and bloom abortion. * Improves set of buds flowers and fruits. * Reduces plant stress and defeats fruit-rot and cracking.